Thursday, 19 September 2013


PPQ: it's always a funny one. I attended with my friend Martha and there was a lot of silent nudging to indicate our mutual awkwardness. From the grave rent-a-crowd situation (some judge off a Top Dog Model program (?) and a very liberal use of the world 'celebrity') to the dodgy dance soundtrack, it was most certainly a fashion week lo-light.Think Forever Unique mixed with the weird costume bargain bin at Beyond Retro. Yep.

I mostly deal with menswear so in all reality, what the fuck do I know? Suspicions would lead me to believe however, that identifying bad taste is a universal language that transcends gender and personal style. Bad form PPQ, very bad form.

P.S. Also, I'm officially Daily Mail Sidebar-of-shame-background-filler. Kind of. Ridiculous.


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Menswear Thursdays at Surfdome

Bahhh, lack of updating is down to none other than business/laziness/forgetfulness. A couple of shows over fashion week (Todd Lynn and PPQ - details to follow) have held me up but hopefully shall pick up soon.

IN OTHER IMPORTANT NEWS OF MY DULL LIFE. A quick meeting at Surfdome (my place of toil and graft) has resulted in a weekly men's edit curated by none other than yours truly. Every Thursday you can catch a breakdown of looks using some of the best product on the site. Read it and tweet it and buy stuff off it and things like that here.


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

NYFW: Public School SS14

Public School is arguably the most emblematic brand of contemporary New York style. Sharp, understated and refined, the SS14 show was a monochrome menagerie of sports luxe Bushwick culture that proved both original and wearable. I may not have been front row (let's be honest, I'd rather be in my bed eating Haribo in Stratford, obviously) but this collection's charm was instantly recognisable. I think it's my favourite.

NYFW Public School SS14
Image: OAK
Innovation existed in the contrasting use of neoprene, mesh and leather that never seemed to go overboard. Looks remained structured and sensible - almost a sober alternative for the typical Dalston hipster. The CDFA menswear award winners more than proved their worth this season and a particular highlight was the faint print grey t-shirt with contrast cuffs and collar. It seems that finally, finally, sportswear is beginning to grow on me. Gone are the theatrics and we're left with some very crisp-looking pieces: big bravo. 

NYFW Public School SS14
N.B. Feel free to order me this. Thanks.

NYFW Public School SS14

Friday, 6 September 2013

Penfield Caps

My mate Gideon left this incredible Penfield cap at our friend's house and I snatched it up immediately. With a 5 panel design, floral pattern and precision stitch detailing on the peak, it's a winner. I've never been a frequent wearer of the cap (round face + big features = I need a full-time carer) but after letting my hair grow out, it's slightly more doable. Slightly.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Tom Ford: GQ's Designer of the Year

GQ: the editorial bible of gents around the world. As a Conde Nasté juggernaut, it's clear to see that they hold much sway over the luxe masses and every year, they bestow such honour to some very lucky recipients.

And none are more deserving than GQ's Designer of the Year, Tom Ford. A true master at modern menswear, Ford is partly responsible for the tailoring revival that has dominated season after season. Every piece holds a cinematic quality that harks back to a more golden age and the newly opened Sloane Square store aims to emulate this: "when one shops on Savile Row... it's not a luxurious experience. It's not the movie version... and I wanted to create the movie version". Iconic men provide the inspiration and through hard work, charisma and an uncontested level of talent, Ford has joined their ranks.

If Jay-Z has named a song after you, there's a very strong chance that you're ballin'.

Image: GQ

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme

Dior Homme is undoubtedly one of the elite divisions in contemporary menswear; a bastion of simple yet sharp tailoring and a stark reminder that the French do luxury better than anyone else. With the launch of their male fragrance, it's clear that an iconic new face was an essential requirement. I hoped for a real figure of uncontested masculinity, an identity to rival the likes of Jean-Paul Belmondo, James Dean and Marlon Brando. We instead got Robert Pattinson. Take a look at the uncensored trailer below.

The overall effect is, of course, very impressive. Directed by Romain Gavras (responsible for that terrifying/incredible Born Free video by M.I.A), we're treated to a montage of Pattinson lusting and letching his way across an LA-esque backdrop without the usual I'm-so-predatory-I'm-a-borderline-rapist vibe so often associated with fragance campaigns. It's a very swish and very well-executed affair. However, I can't help but think Pattinson is a lazy choice. Once you're past all that horrendous Twilight hype, you're left with quite a plain character that lacks edge and aspirationality for the everyday male. Don't get me wrong, he's clearly gifted in the genetics department but apart from a pretty face, Pattinson is one for the book of mundane.

I prefer to look up to an icon - not a vampire with glittery skin.


Monday, 2 September 2013

Lara Jensen for TRIBU

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing a very old acquaintance from good old Hull - Lara Jensen. Once a schoolfriend of my cousin and now a haute couture milliner for the likes of Gaga, Karl Lagerfeld and Hercules & Love Affair, I knew that I had to secure an interview for TRIBU's 2nd issue.

Despite my own expertise belonging to menswear, I think we can all agree that the appeal of Lara's work is pretty universal. It'll be a while yet but I can't wait to see this feature in print. EYES PEELED PLEASE.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Versace AW13 Menswear

Versace shows always remind of me of Big Fat Gypsy Weddings: You love to watch it, you're overcome by aplomb but you rarely want to take part. Just admit it - the Eros fragrance ad was fucking hilarious.

Well, imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this jaw-dropping look from the AW13 collection.

Versace AW13 menswear
This is an example of real style. Everything from the tie stud detailing to the classic leather luggage, Versace have really outdone themselves and totally embody the concept of a luxury brand. It's no longer all about garish gimmickery. Don't get me wrong, some outlandish pieces still exist in a green fur jacket and neon studded cable knit but it's this extrovert approach to fashion that defines the notorious label. Not my style at all but I'd be somewhat sad to see this side dissolve completely and they've built a loyal fanbase around that aesthetic.

Versace have instead struck the perfect chord between statement and subtlety. It might not be for everyone, but you cannot doubt that the brand truly belongs in the upper echelons.

versace aw13 menswear

versace aw13 menswear

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Surf Liquor SS14

Working at Surfdome, I deal with plenty of different surf and streetwear men's clothing on a daily basis. It can often become indistinguishable at times; classic tees with minimal detailing are essential yet can easily fall under the radar. A good old tropical print is now forever burned on the back of my retinas. That being said, it takes a lot for me to notice a new label that shows some level of innovation; enter Surf Liquor.

surf liquor

Launched by intrepid traveller Jonathan Cosserat, every piece embodies the California cool mentality (without the whiny accent) whilst drawing upon 70s skatescene influences. The result? A graphic-heavy yet simplistic range that never tries too hard.

If my paycheck hadn't already been rinsed by New Balance and Vans (watch this space), I'd be massively saving up. I'm digging the black 'Surf Liquor' graphic tee and the distressed navy tee and I can't wait for these badboys to go up for sale next season.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Woodsman Collection AW13 by MQT

Image: MQT
After three decades of expertise in denim manufacturing, MQT have just launched their AW13 line under the moniker 'The Woodsman Collection'. Injecting every piece with unabashed levels of rugged masculinity, a sharp focus has still been retained to strike a perfect sartorial chord. If my own struggles are indicative of anything, decent denim is getting increasingly hard to source (i.e: suffering a ripped crotch in the cinema - oh, life) yet MQT are a refreshing solution.

Innovative yet subtle detailing includes a sophisticated dying process and asymmetrical seams that really set this collection apart. A defined silhouette is always a menswear essential and this well-versed brand is certainly one to watch. After all, memorable style needn't always rely on traditional tailoring methods and the done-to-death dandy ensemble. 

A few personal favourites lie with the 'Sparrow' washed black skinnies and the premium 'Slash' bleach denim shirt. Really want.

the woodsman collection MQT